Hot Wheels 4 Lane Elimination Race Track Set – Raja Sahib Kids
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Hot Wheels 4 Lane Elimination Race Track Set

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Kids can give their competition muscles a workout and race 4 cars at once

Start the race with 4 cars and watch slower cars get knocked off the track

The winner crosses the finish line and captures the checkered flag

Easy storage and simple fold-up for transport

Set includes a fair-start launcher and comes with a Hot Wheels vehicle

Four cars race and merge until only one winner emerges! Kids can experience the thrill of

high-speed racing and the agony of defeat with the portable 4-Lane Elimination Race. The

race begins with 4 cars lined up at the starting gate; as they go screaming down the track

the road narrows to 2 lanes and cars that merge too slowly get thrown off the track! Only

one car can make it all the way to cross the finish line and capture the checkered flag. Set

includes a fair-start launcher, a pop-up flag to reveal the true winner and 1 Hot Wheels

vehicle. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles.


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