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Winfun Globetrotter Activity Table


Interactive game and play panel
• Steering wheel and plane – Move the steering wheel and the plane becomes active. The plane moves around its axis, you can also spin the propeller. Right next to the steering wheel is a lever with a sound and a rattling speed level indicator.
• Roller – The graphics on a roll will introduce the child to the world of little mathematics. Numbers 1,2,3 and an adequate number of characters.
• Buttons – Three large buttons with lights and melodies.
• Sprockets – The colored gears overlap and make a noise.
• On / Off switch – Two volume modes. It amusingly welcomes the child and encourages activity.
• Booklet – The pages of the booklet represent animals from two different worlds.
• Giraffe abacus – On the giraffe’s neck there are moving hoops that can be called colors, counted and moved.
• Movable elements – The toy has several movable elements with which the child exercises the dexterity of small hands.

This table is not only an idea for an interesting game, but also a great way to ensure the proper development of the child. The colorful table top is equipped with lights, moving elements, buttons of various shapes and colors. It provides the child with a lot of developing activity. If we add multilateral educational values ??to it, we will get the perfect toy, which should not be missing in our baby’s room.
The educational table stimulates visual and motor development and encourages the child to be active. Moving elements have a positive effect on motor coordination, cognitive abilities and cause-effect thinking. During play, the child learns – learns new shapes, colors and sounds. The actions of pressing, pushing and twisting increase the precision of the handle movements. Beeps and lights stimulate baby’s hearing and vision.

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